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Upon receiving the keys, Janice Dillard was already an established and well known evangelist both locally in South Florida and internationally. Prior to receiving the keys, her former Pastor, Rev. George A. Johnson spoke to her, encouraging the need for a stable place to house the people of God. Evangelist Dillard praised God for the Word, but did not attempt to pastor the people of God.

In God’s timing Evangelist Dillard accepted the challenge to Pastor. On May 7th, 1987 the doors of Revival Faith Center Ministry were officially open. On the following Sunday, May 10, 1987, 57 people, both new Christian converts and previous converts joined the ministry. This marked the beginning of establishing the vision given to Pastor Janice Dillard. Now the Revival Faith Center Ministries Incorporated.

The Revival Faith Center Ministries has grown to leaps and bounds since May 7th, 1987. This organization has birthed many other ministries under the leading and direction of Apostle Janice L. Dillard. There are eight established in the United States and three ministries established

Our Vision

The Revival Faith Center Ministries, Ine. provides an Apostolic covering for the Ordination of Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the churches and Ministries working to bring others into a saving and full acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

To plant and strengthen members, Churches, Ministries and Pastors. To provide ongoing training through specialized courses and seminars that address the issues and challenges of Pastoring or directing a Ministry.

To become a vehicle where individual Churches and Ministries are accountable for their decisions, mode of operation and ethical values and their work for the Kingdom of God.

To provide contacts between ordained Revival Faith Center Ministries, Inc. in various areas. These contact avenues will engender fellowship, as well as a local support system for them.

To provide accountability and credibility.

Our Leaders

Janice L. Dillard was born to the parents of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Walker. At the early age of twelve years old, she was converted and . . .

Janice L. Dillard

Chief Apostle

Seleaveya L. Dillard is a South Florida native, and was born on June 29, 1979 to community leader and Chief Apostle, Janice L. Dillard . . .

Seleaveya L. Dillard


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