Presiding Prelate


Biography of Bishop Jeremiah Dorion Fowler, D. D., Th.D.

Bishop Fowler was born and raised in the cradle of Pentecostal power under the leadership of his father, who was the founder and pastor of Saints Pentecostal Holiness Church, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland.

The fire of Pentecost has burned in this Jeremiah, as it did in the prophet Jeremiah of the Old Testament, since the age of seven. †Bishop Fowler was ordained to preach the Gospel in 1984 by his father and pastored his first church in 1986. After receiving a call from God, he then founded “Freedom Tabernacle Bible Church” and continued to conduct powerful life-changing revivals with miracles, signs, and wonders.

God has anointed him mightily in the ministry of “Healing and Deliverance”. Bishop Fowler has traveled extensively throughout the country conducting power-packed and spirit-filled revivals. There are people with amazing and extraordinary testimonies all across the country, the Caribbean and the West Indies, who give witness to the gift that God has poured into this mighty man of God. In the summer of 1993, †Bishop Fowler was arrested by the Holy Ghost to take this powerful anointing to New Orleans, Louisiana where many people from various denominations including traditional and non-traditional Catholics were drawn to this powerful ministry invested to in this anointed man of God.. As a result of his answering this challenging assignment, many of those drawn to the ministry were truly saved, sanctified, baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

In March of 1995, God led him to share the Word of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in an exciting new ministry. As a result of his thirst for the authenticity of the ancient Church of the Lord Jesus Christ as founded by the Apostles, he founded the first Pentecostal Orthodox Church. As he approached elevation to the Office of Bishop, his studies of the ancient church continued, receiving another mandate from God to restore order to the Body of Christ by sound teaching of ancient church history as taught by the apostles. On October 14, in the same year, †Bishop Jeremiah Dorion Fowler was consecrated and ordained the first Bishop of the Pentecostal Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Church of Louisiana, by †Archbishop Donald Lawrence Jolly Gabriel, Archbishop of the International Orthodox Church of North America, serving as principal consecrator. As a Bishop with the power, authority and responsibility of the original Apostles as passed on to the Church by Jesus Christ for the continuation of His saving work received through Apostolic Succession, †Bishop Fowler can trace his consecration both sacramentally and historically back to the apostles, particularly Apostles Peter and Andrew.

In the spring of 1996, †Bishop Jeremiah Dorion Fowler, at the invitation of Papal knights, Archbishops and other Vatican officials spent Holy Week in the Vatican, celebrating Mass with His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, the patriarch of the Roman Catholic Church and received the official apostolic Blessing from Pope John Paul II. This was truly a move of God that the pope would extend his blessings to a bishop of the Pentecostal church. During his stay in Italy, he was entertained in the palaces of kings, queens and many heads of state.

†Bishop Fowler is also a popular radio and television personality, composer, musician, producer, director, and playwright. He is the former host of the cable television gospel shows “SPREAD THE NEWS” and “GOSPEL HORIZONS”; the former host and music director of WEBB-AM radio; and the former host and music producer of WJRO- AM in Baltimore. He has hosted the “In Search of Greater Faith” radio broadcast in New Orleans on WLNO-AM and “Breakfast with the Bishop” in Morgan City, LA on KBZE radio. †Bishop Fowler is an actor, singer, and stage performer. He has performed with such gospel singers as Shirley Caesar, John P. Kee, Vickie Winans, Bobby Jones, Tramaine Hawkins, Aretha Franklin, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Hawkins Family, The Clark Sisters, The Williams Brothers, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, The late Rev. James Cleveland, the late Albertina Walker, the late Douglas Miller, and many others. He has also been blessed to have shared the stage, representing the Lord and spreading the Gospel with such notables as Pat Boone, Jayne Kennedy, Billy Davis Jr., Marilyn McCoo, Dionne Warwick, the late Diahann Carroll, Marla Gibbs, Gladys Knight, Lena Horne, Ann-Margaret, Stephanie Mills, Bob Hope, Jennifer Holliday, The Alvin Ailey Dancers, and Patti LaBelle and the late David Peaston, He has also performed on stage at the famed New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and famed Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

†Bishop Jeremiah Dorion Fowler has the very powerful spiritual gift of a prophet. He is truly “one of a kind.”